Ottoman Paste

Ottoman Paste

Liqıid Candy Polycarbonate Tray 2703

Liquid Candy Tray Polycarbonate Plexiglass / 42cm Diameter 6 Kg Sugar Capacity 5-compartment it's outer part made of stainless steel and it's inner part made of polycarbonate tray with durable construction
Liquid Candy Set (Full...
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Liquid Candy Set (Full Filling) (Tray and Cover...

Liquid Candy Set: 1.) Liquid Candy double layer tray 2.) Dome cover for Tray 3.) 5 different flavors of Liquid Candy (700 g each, 2 pieces each) 4.) 500 Pcs Liquid Candy Sticks 5.) 5 Piece Winding Bar

ِAnatolia Vest 6505

ِAnatolia Vest  Back size 51 cm (between two arms) width 55 cm height between the nape and waist

liquid Candy Serving Table 2750

Nostalgic design with LED backlight Polycarbonate, unbreakable, durable steel and more healthy 5-section inner tray are included. Plexiglass cover included
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