Caramel Popcorn Coating Machine 1230

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40 liter capacity GM1230 carameling machine for those who want to produce popcorn in different flavors.
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How About Changing The Taste of The Popcorn?


 With our caramelizing machines, it is possible to give different   tastes to popcorn. Are you ready to Modify the popcorn tastes?

Stainless Steel And Aluminum Structure 

Our caramelizing machines, which are used in stainless steel and in aluminum, will fill the eyes with its robustness and ease of use.

The cooling rack truck must be ordered separately and it is not included in the price.

     How to Prepare Caramel Popcorn in 5 Steps?

          You can make caramel popcorn by following the following operations respectively.

                                                                                     (The following images are instance)

Caramel Materials

(All caramel materials are available on our website)

1) Popcorn

2) Caramel Blend (available on our website)

3) Specially prepared oil for caramel (are available on our website)

4) One scale of water

5) Butter

Preparing Caramel Popcorn 1

We are pouring oil, caramel mixture and water from our ready-made materials for caramel popcorn production.

Preparing of Caramel Popcorn 2

After filling our materials into our machine, we operate our machine. (Heat button starts the machine)


Our machine will alert us with an audible warning system after our caramel sauce has prepared.

Preparing of Caramel Popcorn  3

After preparing caramel sauce, we pour the popcorn on the caramel sauce.


After that, the machine will mix the caramel and the popcorn by the mixer. while the machine in process, from time to time pour the caramel popcorn oil on the popcorns. 

Preparing of Caramel Popcorn  4

When the caramel popcorns are ready, we unload the popcorns on the cooling rack truck.

Preparing of Caramel Popcorn  5

Our caramel popcorns are ready, you can pack them if you wish, or you can add the chocolate sauce or some spice on it later.