Party Concept (1 kg) 2723 - (Strawberry and Orange flavored )

TRY65.00 (Tax included)
Packages 1 kg 25 windowed box 25 pcs transparent bag 3 SEPARATE COLOR

Güvenlik politikası (Müşteri güvencesi modülü ile düzenle)


Teslimat politikası (Müşteri güvencesi modülü ile düzenle)


İade politikası (Müşteri güvencesi modülü ile düzenle)

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  • 2723

Surprise your guests with the small boxes of FESTİVA to make your dreams become true.

You can make gifts for your engagement and circumcision parties.

  • Tasty corns, which are considered the best corn of the market are used.
  • Mushroom is used to produce exotic corn. Thanks to its round shape, it wraps the sauce all around and it is completely dispersed in the mouth.
  • Strawberry smell and appearance will offer you a unique taste.
  • You can make gifts with your own hands and make your loved ones happy.
  • Only natural products are used in production. Does not contain GMO.
  • Contains no additives to increase shelf life.

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